i have plans.

sunday, at 1:30 pm, i'll be watching her last show of the year, and i've been looking forward to it for months. there are very few artists that truly impress me, and there's no way i'm going to attempt a review of her collaborative work here, but i will say that anyone who collects noises from the environment and manipulates them the way she does in her new album has to be a genius.  she is the songwriter, singer, mixer, producer, instrumentalist, and even has it out under her own label.  aaaand she's 7 months pregnant.

so back to sunday...i apologize ahead of time for not answering your call, text, or email.  i have afternoon plans.  here's the link if you want to join me: http://rhou.se/UotKI9


my thoughts on the lego movie.

on valentine's night, i made a little "romantic" dinner at home, complete with candles, spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate covered strawberries.  as a surprise for the boys, we took them to the movie theater (for the second time in their lives) to see the HIGHLY anticipated lego movie. 

overall, it was great, funny, and very entertaining, but it left me with a feeling in the pit of my stomach that has taken me a few days to put into words.  SPOILER ALERT:  "the man upstairs"... that's a nickname for God, right?  so "the man upstairs" a.k.a. the DAD is the bad guy- the one who *gasp* likes things in order. i hardly ever get offended, and this didn't really register while i was taking in the chaos on the screen, but looking back there are some subtleties in this seemingly innocent movie that trouble me a bit. maybe it just didn't settle well with me because the minute we got home the "worlds" we had created were destroyed. they weren't glued, but we had chima, ninjago, city, and superheroes proudly displayed on our playroom shelves. my oldest admired them, and would take one down (almost every day), disassemble and rebuild it. he would create freely with them too, but the sets were kept apart.  it was a lovely model lego collection of about 20 full sets. 

post movie impression:  i didn't want to be like the bad dad/god by any means. kids are smarter than parents and should be able to play freely in whatever way they imagine.  i asked myself if i had been controlling in the way we organized our collection, but putting them on the shelves had been their idea in the first place. i mean, what is order, or self control, or following the rules (instruction books), but a bad plot line to a movie?  i don't know what i'll do with the combined mess left in the aftermath of the lego movie.  if anyone has any tips on lego storage, please pass them on!

i think they will realize the error of the destruction when they actually want to build something again and can't find ANY of the pieces, but for now i'll just keep them in a big box, and try to shake the unsettling feeling that this "awesome" movie left me with.

i was also disappointed that there wasn't more stop motion animation in the LEGO movie.  i was on CGI overload for a couple of hours afterward, but that is just a personal preference, not part of my rant.


bjork, 1988.

i watch this whenever i need to smile:


an early gift.

i have recently been given a gift on kind of a profound level.  i guess you could call it my own little christmas miracle.  i have been SICK this fall.  like the kind of sick when your friends bring you meals.  i was just getting a little better when it was time to host thanksgiving. honestly i don't even remember that day.  it was just a blur.  the next thing i knew it was december, and i had something to do every morning, afternoon, and evening. if you know me, you know i am a homebody by nature and having to be somewhere every hour TALKING just wears me out. then i can't sleep at night because i replay all the times i put my foot in my mouth all throughout the day.  it's a vicious cycle, my friends!  

add to that the stress of not having started shopping, being behind on etsy orders, a broken christmas tree, and i was about to short out. literally.  my body was weak, and my mind was not far behind.  WELL, thanks to nature (GOD) i have finally rested and am 100% physically (and mentally) because of enforced isolation: a texas ice storm, when EVERYTHING shuts down.  4 days, all to myself, to sled, make soup, drink endless cups of coffee, and decorate our home for christmas.  

why to people complain about having to be in their HOME?  with their FAMILIES?  so baffling to me.  we have had a wonderful time.  these days have felt like a vacation, and i am fully charged to face the holiday season.  


the grand budapest hotel.

quirky, wonderful, and made for me like every other wes anderson film. i watch the trailer over and over and think...who else would love something like this?  plenty, i guess, because this little gem will be opening the 64th berlin international film festival on February 6, 2014.  


fashion week.

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all of them.  we are in the middle of paris fashion week, but here are some highlights from earlier in the month.  i love keeping up with them, and i have since i was old enough to understand fashion.  i used to have to wait for the highlights in W or vogue, but now i can watch, sometime even live!  (i love this interweb thing.)

1.  dior, in new york.  always perfect, and has been for decades.
2.  rafael cennamo, also in new york. worn by celebrities, loved by me.
3.  chanel, in paris.  this is my favorite moment of the year so far.  my favorite designer, and a 50 ft. globe pinpointed with every chanel store across the globe.  epic music and clothing. 
4.  i loved guy laroche's futuristic theme.  this happened earlier today in paris. 


jt on snl.

jt's last snl appearance was in march and i'm STILL thinking and talking about it (and immensely enjoying his album).  ok, i know what you're thinking...but you know me better than that!  hey, this kid is TALENTED...and hilarious...and doesn't take himself too seriously (which i love).  i watch this ALL THE TIME, because in my fantasies i can dance exactly like this. (i'm not even close.) so if you want to see perfect choreography, do yourself a favor and watch this.