the adventures of prince achmed. 1926.

a decade before the release of snow white, a woman with an obsession for paper cutting created the first full-length animated film using only her scissors, paper and back lighting.  her name was lotte reineger and she is one of my heroes for her creativity, brilliance and patience.  (it took three years to make and was the first of its kind.)  i'm so glad it's available on dvd for stop-motion animation fanatics,
such as myself, to study and love. 


my first cricut project.

i unpacked my new cricut today.  instead of being overwhelmed by its endless possibilities, i'm just going to use it for projects that come up. 
the first of many is this lovely card. 




the quietest person i've ever known

someone who truly loved bluegrass music

the one responsible for my grey eyes

my father, william, who would have been 77 years old today.


"he who does not understand your silence
  will probably not understand your words." 

-elbert hubbard


my dream instrument.

the amazing imogen heap.

thank you wes anderson.

this was made for me- it makes me deliriously happy.