if i had been invited...

...i would have had such fun finding the perfect fascinator.
i just might get one anyway-
i'm inspired by the daring brits.


happy easter.

harvey (1950)


the king of limbs.

radiohead's latest release 'the king of limbs' is genius, and it was inspired by a tree outside of their studio (i love that).  with only 8 tracks and a run time of 37 minutes, it seems like more of a follow up to yorke's solo release 'the eraser', but it fits nicely into my collection just the same.


new necklaces.

made with leftover beads from other projects
 (while watching two episodes of flight of the conchords)


current kindle reads.

a history of modern music.  most interesting!

again and again i come back...


"it is in our idleness, in our dreams,
that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top."

-virginia woolf