the quiet within.

i've immersed myself in beauty this summer- almost more than i can stand. i've revelled in all of summer's joys, yet as it comes to a close i find myself in a state of mental chaos, and i instantly know what i've done wrong. i've had headphones in my ears every single free moment and i've found myself online WAY too much. if i had recording equipment i would never leave my house and my family would be completely neglected. music has always been my idol of choice and i've let it go too far. i've usually been able to keep a decent balance, but my creative mind is in a state of unrest. i crave more yet i'm still unsatisfied.

i don't really delve too deep here at intothenest- my children, my faith are almost too precious to put into words, definitely too precious to blog about, but i feel as if i must address this and purge myself of a harsh moment of self discovery.

what do we do when we're alone? what do we think about? what do we NOURISH? it is our soul that we need to be feeding and that alone. as i enter into a phase in my life where i have more responsibilities of a spiritual nature, i am evaluating my inner self- my REAL self. it doesn't matter how people perceive you if you have them all fooled. let us be forced to take stock of the condition of our soul and let the only one nourish it who can. you have to let Him, but He will- even in this lush world full of beautiful, absorbing, empty distractions that will never satisfy no matter how hard we try.
remember this quote by the great c.s. lewis:

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