this is one of the more mellow tracks from this incredible album, but sometime it's nice just to sit back and relax a bit...


ode to jack.

it's about that time of year again when i start watching tim burton's the nightmare before christmas.  i watch it every year in the fall until christmas, and i've seen it too many times to count.  it still mesmerizes me just like it did almost 20 years ago (!) when it was made.  this movie had a huge impact on my developing creativity and it was when i was introduced to the music of danny elfman.  corpse bride, coraline and the like were excellently crafted but it's the adventures of mr. skellington where it all began. 
so hello again, jack.  i've missed you all year. 

(i hope that stop motion animation isn't a dying art form in the computer age.  it is such painstaking labor to make hundreds of movable dolls and pose them perfectly for every. single. shot.)