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i have had time to process this album, and i have to say that i am amazed once again. i can't decide if this latest work is a technological marvel, performance art work, a massive science project (sponsored by national geographic!) or just great pop music. she has broken new ground in all four areas. this was the first "app" album to be made and released using the ipad technology and she INVENTED new instruments, using the earths gravity to play giant harps and designing a digital organ. she also TUNED A TESLA COIL for a bass line. here it is:

it's definitely not for everyone, but i'm challenged and inspired by this album. i appreciate it for the fact that when you strip it down, the lyrics, choral arrangements and mixing are spot. on. perfect. she holds back and releases in just the right places. now, if she'll come to the states we'll be good....

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