our christmas.

we had a wonderful christmas.  it always seems to come upon me so suddenly, and i have to admit that it took me a little longer than usual to get into the spirit this year...the many losses and failures...the shooting in connecticut...the hope that seems to be fading.

but then...could it be?
 *the magic of a white christmas* 

i took it as a gentle and subtle reminder from God that there's still beauty in this world. He cares about us enough to do such a simple thing as give thousands of children in north texas an extra gift. as we spent the afternoon in the snow, i could feel my hope being renewed in a personal way, and i am looking forward to what a new year will hold.

and as for my 72 year old father-in-law (who's not feeling well) getting out and having a snowball fight with the boys?




two years later...

and it still makes me speed.


happy halloween.

circa 1934.

we are ready to haunt the night!  we're passing on our church's "trunk or treat" for the first time ever, and we'll be trick or treating in our neighborhood with friends.  


a new favourite.

jessica chastain

it takes a lot for an actress to impress me.  this girl took me by surprise in the tree of life, but after FINALLY getting around to watching the debt with helen mirren (i'm way behind on my movie list), i have a new favourite.  she possesses an amazing gift, and i can hardly wait to see where her talent takes her.  i haven't seen her breakout performance in the help, but it's now at the top of the list.  

as for the husband saying we look alike?  I'LL TAKE IT. 



our first conversation was deep.  i remember it well:

it was a wednesday night at church, and we discovered that we had both recently lost our fathers.  i asked her to coffee the next day, and we talked about books and music for hours.  so began one of my most treasured friendships.

she was sweetly thoughtful, and so deeply wise.  her wit could rival anyone's, but she had a way of holding it back that i loved.  she appreciated the little things in life, but had an understanding of the profound that was well beyond her years.  she brought so much joy into my life, and i'll hold the memories dear...

her smile alone will stay with me forever.

i'll miss you friend.  you are irreplaceable in my eyes.





my memorial day.

what a wonderful memorial day. enjoying lake texoma with family, grilling out and s'mores at the fire pit were just a few highlights. i'm home now and i just took a long bath (to ease my sunburned skin) and i'm listening to the new sigur ros album.  i love this band so completely and valtari is the perfect soundtrack to finish out this restful holiday.  it was nice to get away for a couple of days, and i find myself more relaxed than i've been in a while.  i am thankful for renewed energy and time for reflection...



i love this.  i wonder what they are saying.
are they siblings or friends?

never would i have thought that children would bring me such joy.  i wish that this love could have somehow grown sooner so i could have enjoyed other's children more.  on this mother's day (and most every day) i am overwhelmed with the love that only motherhood can bring, and i am so thankful to have been chosen to take on this wonderful challenge.


the final season.

it's been a fun ride...


on this day 100 years ago...

...a great ship set off on her maiden voyage carrying 2,224 souls.  less than 1/3 made it to new york.

i've always been interested in anything titanic related.  (strangely enough, i didn't see the blockbuster movie until recently.)  there are so many interesting facts about this terrible disaster that fascinate me.  the greatest of all is quite possibly the fact that so many lives could have been spared.  the ss californian was less than 10 miles away, but it had a coward for a captain who was afraid to cross the ice field (despite seeing the sinking titanic's flares of distress). another fact is how few lifeboats there actually were, and there was almost no emergency preparedness.  the maritime laws were completely changed after the sinking of the titanic so that nothing of this scale could happen so carelessly again. 

the world reeled from the terrible news.  it was especially hard for people to understand, because the titanic was made with the most sophisticated technology the world had ever seen.  the tragedy triggered a sudden and complete collapse in confidence, revealing that they were vulnerable despite their presumptions of technological infallibility. (the unsinkable ship)

it scares me a little when i think of how much 
blind trust we place in our modern technology.
(nature always wins.)


vintage card circa 1930



fashion week.

it doesn't really bother me.  i just find it interesting that my home and wardrobe don't really reflect my inner style.  (i love modern interiors, but you have to really COMMIT to them from the beginning.) i guess i just don't want to obsess over every little thing.  
well, i'm currently obsessing...

i love LOVE these clothes, down to the detail.  
as in my heart skipped a beat when i saw them.  

vera wang pre-fall 2012.  


everything counts cover.

i was asked recently about my favourite song in high school.  i changed it all the time, but i came across this cover last week and was reminded of how much i LOVED depeche mode and this song.  while most kids these days are wasting away in front of the television, THIS GUY is doing it right.  it makes me want to train my kids to do insanely awesome things.   these kids rock the chorus!


the tree of life.

has anyone seen the tree of life?  it won top prize at the cannes film festival in 2011, and i just got around to watching it last night.  it is extremely unconventional in the sense that there is almost no dialogue, only the inner (and mostly whispered) narrative of a boy coming of age in the 50's. the music (which is amazing) and the visuals tell the complex story.  woven throughout is epic imagery of the beginning and end of time, which i could have done without.  but overall, i enjoyed it and got something out of it: everyone has to make a choice in life of whether they will obey nature or grace.  it was a beautiful film, and just so very different!  


moonrise kingdom trailer.

if you know me at all, you know that i love wes anderson, the mind behind the royal tenenbaums, the life aquatic and fantastic mr. fox (and several more).  i can't explain it.  i do love my "angst filled" movies, but to me, his movies are exactly how movies should be made.  they just make me so very happy.  (especially the three i mentioned.)  well, today was the trailer release of his latest.  there is a strange absence of luke and owen wilson, but his regulars are still there, with the addition of the amazing tilda swinton and frances mcdormand.

may 25.  i can't wait.


happy new year.

...and happy birthday to this blog. it was one year ago that i decided to make a corner of the internet my very own.

well, it's that magical time of year that we all clean out that little cupboard over the fridge and make ambitious goals for ourselves. i try not to let an entire year of projects overwhelm me, but just take it one day at a time...and today i opened my etsy shop! click on the button to the left and see the humble beginning.

i wish you all the very best in your new endeavors, whatever they may be, and the most wonderful 2012 you can imagine.