fashion week.

it doesn't really bother me.  i just find it interesting that my home and wardrobe don't really reflect my inner style.  (i love modern interiors, but you have to really COMMIT to them from the beginning.) i guess i just don't want to obsess over every little thing.  
well, i'm currently obsessing...

i love LOVE these clothes, down to the detail.  
as in my heart skipped a beat when i saw them.  

vera wang pre-fall 2012.  


everything counts cover.

i was asked recently about my favourite song in high school.  i changed it all the time, but i came across this cover last week and was reminded of how much i LOVED depeche mode and this song.  while most kids these days are wasting away in front of the television, THIS GUY is doing it right.  it makes me want to train my kids to do insanely awesome things.   these kids rock the chorus!