on this day 100 years ago...

...a great ship set off on her maiden voyage carrying 2,224 souls.  less than 1/3 made it to new york.

i've always been interested in anything titanic related.  (strangely enough, i didn't see the blockbuster movie until recently.)  there are so many interesting facts about this terrible disaster that fascinate me.  the greatest of all is quite possibly the fact that so many lives could have been spared.  the ss californian was less than 10 miles away, but it had a coward for a captain who was afraid to cross the ice field (despite seeing the sinking titanic's flares of distress). another fact is how few lifeboats there actually were, and there was almost no emergency preparedness.  the maritime laws were completely changed after the sinking of the titanic so that nothing of this scale could happen so carelessly again. 

the world reeled from the terrible news.  it was especially hard for people to understand, because the titanic was made with the most sophisticated technology the world had ever seen.  the tragedy triggered a sudden and complete collapse in confidence, revealing that they were vulnerable despite their presumptions of technological infallibility. (the unsinkable ship)

it scares me a little when i think of how much 
blind trust we place in our modern technology.
(nature always wins.)

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