do everything in love.

i love this verse.  it is in my heart everyday.

in my five years of being a mother, i have witnessed the universal cry of the experience= EXHAUSTION.  every mother, everywhere.  we are over-worked, over-committed, and at times under appreciated. but what if we were to look at things a different way altogether?  we are called to love, and as we know from I cor. 13, it is patient and kind.  let what we do be done with the mindset of servitude and love, from discipline to baking, and everything in between.

i often get asked how i carry on about my life the way i do.  i'm not sure if it's because i didn't have children until my 30's, or if i've just let a lot of the meaningless things dissolve away, but my days are filled with joy.  every morning, i hear them wake up...life!  a gift. i don't obsess over the closets that need cleaning or the pictures that need organizing.  they will be done eventually.  i just choose a few things everyday that i can accomplish and finish them.  of course i don't always feel like it, but we cannot live by feelings.  we can choose to serve our families in love, and it will bring a blessing beyond all comprehension.  

i know i'm blessed and called to be able to stay home with my boys.  i know that's not for everyone, but when you are with your kids at night, BE with them.  they crave undivided attention, and being on our phones sends a mixed message.  (i am speaking to myself as well.)  

the days are passing so quickly.

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