a little color.

i love this set found here.

my favorite color is gray.  i love the way it works as the perfect neutral and i think it's elegant without the severity of wearing black everyday.  even though i feel very comfortable in my current style, i've had the feeling that i'm stuck in a rut for a quite a while.  i tried a few years ago to wear brighter colors, but they just weren't "me".

recently, i bought a bright blue earring and bracelet set for some family pictures, and i love the way it looked!  in the next few months, i'll be working to update my jewelry to give my style a MUCH needed updating.  i have decent clothes, the perfect watch and *new diamond earrings* (happy anniversary to me), so i'll be buying new necklaces (which i've NEVER worn) and fun bracelets when i can.  it will be like a new wardrobe for a fraction of the price and it will work much better for me than trying to wear brightly colored clothing.  have you ever updated your wardrobe with just accessories?

francesca's and charming charlie, here i come!

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