an early gift.

i have recently been given a gift on kind of a profound level.  i guess you could call it my own little christmas miracle.  i have been SICK this fall.  like the kind of sick when your friends bring you meals.  i was just getting a little better when it was time to host thanksgiving. honestly i don't even remember that day.  it was just a blur.  the next thing i knew it was december, and i had something to do every morning, afternoon, and evening. if you know me, you know i am a homebody by nature and having to be somewhere every hour TALKING just wears me out. then i can't sleep at night because i replay all the times i put my foot in my mouth all throughout the day.  it's a vicious cycle, my friends!  

add to that the stress of not having started shopping, being behind on etsy orders, a broken christmas tree, and i was about to short out. literally.  my body was weak, and my mind was not far behind.  WELL, thanks to nature (GOD) i have finally rested and am 100% physically (and mentally) because of enforced isolation: a texas ice storm, when EVERYTHING shuts down.  4 days, all to myself, to sled, make soup, drink endless cups of coffee, and decorate our home for christmas.  

why to people complain about having to be in their HOME?  with their FAMILIES?  so baffling to me.  we have had a wonderful time.  these days have felt like a vacation, and i am fully charged to face the holiday season.