my thoughts on the lego movie.

on valentine's night, i made a little "romantic" dinner at home, complete with candles, spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate covered strawberries.  as a surprise for the boys, we took them to the movie theater (for the second time in their lives) to see the HIGHLY anticipated lego movie. 

overall, it was great, funny, and very entertaining, but it left me with a feeling in the pit of my stomach that has taken me a few days to put into words.  SPOILER ALERT:  "the man upstairs"... that's a nickname for God, right?  so "the man upstairs" a.k.a. the DAD is the bad guy- the one who *gasp* likes things in order. i hardly ever get offended, and this didn't really register while i was taking in the chaos on the screen, but looking back there are some subtleties in this seemingly innocent movie that trouble me a bit. maybe it just didn't settle well with me because the minute we got home the "worlds" we had created were destroyed. they weren't glued, but we had chima, ninjago, city, and superheroes proudly displayed on our playroom shelves. my oldest admired them, and would take one down (almost every day), disassemble and rebuild it. he would create freely with them too, but the sets were kept apart.  it was a lovely model lego collection of about 20 full sets. 

post movie impression:  i didn't want to be like the bad dad/god by any means. kids are smarter than parents and should be able to play freely in whatever way they imagine.  i asked myself if i had been controlling in the way we organized our collection, but putting them on the shelves had been their idea in the first place. i mean, what is order, or self control, or following the rules (instruction books), but a bad plot line to a movie?  i don't know what i'll do with the combined mess left in the aftermath of the lego movie.  if anyone has any tips on lego storage, please pass them on!

i think they will realize the error of the destruction when they actually want to build something again and can't find ANY of the pieces, but for now i'll just keep them in a big box, and try to shake the unsettling feeling that this "awesome" movie left me with.

i was also disappointed that there wasn't more stop motion animation in the LEGO movie.  i was on CGI overload for a couple of hours afterward, but that is just a personal preference, not part of my rant.